Starting the transformation process

Recognizing a mental imbalance is the first thing – entering into a transformation process is the next. The challenge of reorganizing yourself can also mean a break with what has been learned and is familiar so far. Those who get involved will experience a sustainable development process in themselves – coupled with the realization that ‘things’ now finally feel right.

When cooperation makes sense – and when it does not.

For us to support you to develop your own dynamic solutions in our program, a serious commitment on your part is required. The result is a straight learning process that will help you understand the interconnections of your life in a whole new dimension.

By answering the following questions you will be able to determine whether a cooperation with us is possible for you.

➞  If previous activities are hurting you, are you ready to give them up?

➞  If your current thinking habits are leading to a dead end, are you ready to embrace new ways of thinking?

➞  When your need for control exploits you, are you willing to invest trust in your environment?

➞  If work overload is draining you, are you willing to pass on activities?

➞  If certain social contacts are draining you, are you ready to refocus your relationships?


for our cooperation

Individual work

You wish to design your own new path and develop your self-determination? The individual work offers you the opportunity to improve your mental strength and to dissolve limiting patterns in order to create a life according to your values. We support you in strengthening your decision-making competence and in achieving an empowering restructuring of your professional and private everyday life. Our sessions are unique in that they are tailored to individual requirements. We agree on milestones as part of this engagement in advance. As we work together, we ask for your proactive participation and support you in gaining insights and learnings. Depending on your needs, sessions are half-day or full day.

Project work

The project work is designed to address the key issues of your company within a clearly defined timeframe. These can be strategic issues, transformation and organizational processes, or increasing team performance by implementing organizational intelligence (swarm intelligence). Economic aspects such as the achievement of defined sales targets, profitability, cooperation business or acquisitions can also be found in this context. The focus of the project work is on a systemic approach that enables the group of people involved to work on relevant issues through graduated knowledge processes. The results are discussed with the management in a plenary session and decided by the management. In project work, too, at least half days with the group of people involved are advantageous.